Arrowmont's Ceramic Surface Forum

I will be making work in Gatlinburg this week—as a member of the Ceramic Surface Forum. We're happy to be paired with great artists from all over the country, and really blown away with the hospitality of everyone at Arrowmont. It's cold and snowy outside… perfect weather for makin' work! Artists attending the forum this year are: Dylan BeckDonna FlanneryEric KnocheJill Foote-HuttonLindsay OesterritterJosh CopusLuba SharapanForrest GardErik Haagensen,Brooks OliverLindsay Rogers, Stephen Creech, Kyungmin ParkJocelyn HowardAndrew Avakian, Daniel Lee, HP Bloomer, Linda Lopez, and Rachel Garceau. An especially big thanks goes to Jason Bige Burnett, who put us all together!