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Curated by Matthew Mitros, this exhibition showcases the work of 22 artists representing a growing shift among contemporary ceramic artists in material sensibility as seen by the way non-clay materials are being integrated into their compositions. These non-clay components, in many cases, compositionally and conceptually support the ceramic elements rather than call attention to the difference of materials within the finished work. Artists on view are: Sasha Alexandra, Rain Harris, Matt MitrosJohn ByrdDylan Beck, Alex Hibbitt, Adams Puryear, Bryan Czibesz, Tom Lauerman, Dennis Ritter, Ben DeMott, Linda Lopez, Amy SantoferraroVirginia EckingerWade MacDonaldKeith SimpsonShannon GoffJulie Malen, Kyle Triplett, Jason Hackett, Matt Ziemke, Brian Harper, and me!


Infinity Pool at SPRING / BREAK Art Fair, NYC

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Maybe the coolest show I'm in this year... "Infinity Pool" curated by Rebecca Morgan and Stephen Eakin for Spring / Break NY, "examines the artist as primary examiner, critical of both the inward and outward scope of art making and expression and their place in it." Included artists are: Paul BergeronHeather GarlandPaul GagnerLawrence Mesich, Bryan Rogers, Erik SchoonebeekKen Weathersby and Robin F. Williams.

Summer Fellowship at Greenwich House Pottery

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What's better than hanging out in NYC for six weeks? Having a fellowship at Greenwich House while you do it! Linda and I are bringing the baby on the road for our first residency since Oona's birth. We'll be sharing work space and splitting time with the kiddo. We're both really looking forward to a summer in the city. If you're in town between July 14th and August 30th, stop by the studio and say hi!


A Hard Swath to Mow at Belger Crane Yard

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The University of Arkansas Ceramics faculty are pleased to present an exhibition at Belger Crane Yard StudiosA Hard Swath to Mow

"There’s a spot just at the edge of the field, where the manicured and predictable meets the unruly. Here, things are a little less certain—problems arise more readily, and one misstep could leave you stranded in the woods. The artists in this exhibition, members of the ceramics faculty at University of Arkansas, represent a group of practitioners eager to seek the more difficult terrain." 

Featuring Jeannie Hulen, Linda Lopez, Adam Posnak, Benjamin Cirgin, and myself.
February 3 - April 15, 2017
Opening Reception Friday, February 3rd, 6-9pm
2011 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, MO 64108

"Realness" by Matt Blomeley in NEW CERAMICS

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Thrilled to have a feature in NEW CERAMICS this month! Author Matt Blomeley writes, "As with all good artists, McConnell's practice is interesting not because he spells something out. He doesn't. Rather it is that McConnell's work deliberately communicates to a trait inherent in each of us at some level or at some time in our lives. Simi­lar to the mimetic way in which we all learn at a fundamental level, by creat­ing facsimiles of works of other artists and makers using his trained hands, McConnell's installations seek to find something new through making and then grouping "his" objects. What he is seeking is not the perfect copy but that almost alchemical moment of dis­covery and learning, when something new happens." Link to the full article here.

Artist Lecture at CSU Long Beach

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Next week I'll be giving a lecture and meeting with students at CSULB—a ceramics program I have long admired! I'm very eager to see what Tony Marsh's latest crop of students has been up to. If you're in the LA area, drive on down and catch the lecture at 7PM on November 3rd.

Demo and Lecture at University of Cincinnati

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Linda and I are soon on our way to Cincinnati to hang with Katie Parker and Mike Davis, the duo behind the excellent Future Retrieval. Linda and I will be giving talks, doing a short demo, meeting with students, and (hopefully) getting a grand tour of Cincinnati. Our lectures are on October 13th at noon, somewhere in the art building, I assume. 

Workshop: "Ghost Collaborators" at Oxbow

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Linda and I will be leading a two-week course at Oxbow this summer, titled Ghost Collaborators. Come join us on the shore of Lake Michigan!

"We are all under the sway of many collaborators—some are acknowledged, but most are not. In this two-week course, we will attempt to identify the ways in which we have been influenced by our ghost collaborators and how we can take more accountability for those collaborations. Studio assignments will focus on extracting influences from the work you have produced in the past. Once apprehended, you will be asked to minimize or amplify those influences in new work. The course will also include readings, discussions, and short technical demonstrations—including open-form building with coils using fiber clay, fabricating models for splash molds from simple materials, and using casting slip in combination with press-molding techniques."

Session information here.

Dredged|Drawn at Kendall College of Art and Design

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"Each artist in Dredged|Drawn is a maker who uses drawing to produce work as an act of visual inquiry where the physical act of hand to eye to create line and document process becomes an endeavor to contemplate systems of identity, beauty, memory, and space. For these artists drawing is not just a tool, but rather an innate facet of their practice."

Curated by Israel Davis and Michele Bosak. Artists in the exhibition: Jesse AlbrechtBrian CaponiLilli CarréBenjamin DeMottEmily DukeShannon GoffDel HarrowMyung Jin KimMathew McConnellAllan RosenbaumValerie Zimany

The Fed Galleries @ KCAD
March 1 - April 16

KCAD exhibition

#F*NKED! at KCAI Dodge Gallery

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"A multidisciplinary exploration of mind, hand, and mouse."

"The artists included in this exhibition harness the internet's glitchy, ridiculous, virtual reality to create work with an irreverent humor that at once exposes, critiques, and embraces contemporary culture. No practice is too hallowed, no subject too taboo for their gleefully satirical approach... Using the decontextualizing power of the Internet, the artists in #F*UNKED! lay bare the gritty—and in their works appealing—underbelly of our age. "

Curated by Susie Silbert and Anna Walker. Exhibition includes works by Matt Causey, Zachary Lechtenberg, Roberto Lugo, Adams Puryear, Brent Owens, Mallory Westin, Dustin Yager, Nate Prouty, and others.

Kansas City Art Institute, Dodge Painting Building
Hours: March 15th-18th 10am-5pm
Reception: Thurs, Mar 17, 5-9:30pm

"Now and Then" at the Kansas City Museum at Corinthian Hall

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My newest work, "More Possibilities for Distance and Mass" will be on display at the Kansas City Museum's Corinthian Hall until May 14th.

From the Press Release: Now & Then showcases contemporary ceramic works that offer insight into the intersections between art, culture, and daily life. This exhibition brings together a selection of graduates and professors from the University of Colorado’s Boulder MFA program. Organized and curated by Casey Whittier and Blanca Guerra, Now & Then includes works from Scott Chamberlin, Kimberly DickeyRachel Eng, Kelcy Chase Folsom, Julia GallowayJoshua Paul HebbertJanice JakielskiStephanie KantorLinda Lopez, Mathew McConnell, Alia PialtosJoanna PowellJeanne Quinn, Annie Strader, and Emily Schroeder Willis.

Exhibition Opening Reception on Friday, March 18 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

"Accessibility by Design" at Vulpes Bastille

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From the press release: Accessibility by Design seeks to mark the democratization and ubiquity of design. Perhaps this has led to a larger, less discerning, representation of design in a market place that includes everything from technological devices and domestic necessities to studio-made art and design objects.... This exhibition of ceramic work by artists and designers who are negotiating this current will evidence makers' access to new discourse and technology, affinities with related design practices, and/or the market's appetite for a certain level of sophistication, resolve, and distinctiveness.

Accessibility By Design features work by Luke Armitstead, Andrew Casto, Rebecca Chappell, Trygve Faste, Neil Forrest, Tyler Lotz, Mathew McConnell, Tim Berg/Rebecca Myers, Anders Ruhwald and more. Organized by Susan Beiner and Brian Gillis.

Vulpes Bastille. 1737 Locust St, Kansas City, MO
Hours: March 15th-19th 10am-5pm
Reception: Fri, Mar 18, 6-9pm

vulpes bastille

"Accessibility by Design" Selected by CFile as one of NCECA KC's Top 10

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The catalogue states, "Curated by Susan Beiner and Brian Gillis, Accessibility by Design is a group exhibition surveying contemporary ceramic design and navigating its emerging facets. It showcases the artists and designers at the forefront of this movement who are negotiating a career between art and design. It aims to clarify the seemingly disparate trends seen in the LA Clay scene, the Brooklyn ceramic pop-up shops, the Ron Nagle-inspired pop-curiosities, and the increasing popularity of both "dumpy" pottery and clean, sharp style."

"The exhibition is packed with leading artists artists and designers including Del Harrow, Morten Løbner Esperson, Amy Santoferraro, Mathew McConnell, Klein and Reid, and Anders Ruhwald."

CFile Top 10 NCECA Kansas City

Demo and Lecture at CCA

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This past week Linda and I were very lucky to have been hosted by California College of the Arts' ceramics program for demonstrations and lectures. An excellent program with a generous and smart faculty. I simply can't say enough good things about how great we were treated and how impressed we were with the program as a whole. Nathan Lynch, Arthur GonzalezErik Scollon, Nancy Selvin, Edith Garcia, and Kari Marboe: you're all my new favorite people!

CCA ceramics lecture

Garth Clark CFile Review

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I'm surprised and humbled by Garth Clark's generous review of More Possibilities. He writes of the exhibition, "Each object is remarkable, sculpturally convincing, self-standing, independent, without a runt in the litter. And the more I come back to his art, the more it grows." He continues, "His conceptualism arrives at that rare mix of an intuitive sensualist with a powerful command of material. This is probably my favorite combination in art: intelligence that does not overburden the objects’ autonomy. Indeed, if I found a work alone with no knowledge of McConnell’s practice the visceral sculptor’s bite would be as strong."

Read the full review here.


cfile review

"Shades" at The Bedfellows Club Featured on Art Viewer

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"Shades" was recently featured on Art Viewer, which "promotes contemporary art through a curated selection of documentation of art exhibitions and events."  

Curated by Jess Hirsch and Haynes Riley, this latest iteration of The Bedfellows Club, a periodic exhibition series that inhabits an inhabited bedroom, set up in the home of Layet Johnson, of Little Rock, AR. For images of the exhibition, follow the link here.


5 x 5 x 5 at Red Lodge Clay Center

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"5 x 5 x 5 features five current and contemporary ceramic artists who each submitted five pieces. This exhibition explores the ceramic medium in a smaller scale, featuring artists who were required to create artworks that do not exceed five inches in any direction."

The artists included in this exhibition are: Shane Harris, Linda Lopez, Nathan Prouty, Giselle Hicks, and Mathew McConnell.

February 5th to 26th
The Loft Gallery

 Work by Nathan Prouty

Work by Nathan Prouty

One-day Demonstration at GHP

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Interested in picking up a few bad ceramic habits? Here, I'll present all my best tricks in under six hours! 

Friday, February 5th. 10AM-4PM
Greenwich House Pottery
16 Jones St., NYC

Solo Exhibition at Jane Hartsook Gallery, Greenwich House

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Just a few days away... come join me for an opening featuring my latest work, "More Possibilities for Distance and Mass."  

From the press release: "McConnell is a provocateur, engaging a dialogue of appropriation, originality and authenticity almost entirely outside the purview of the ceramics sphere. A cerebral artist, McConnell’s approach to art is analytical and pragmatic using others art as a catalyst for his own."

Artists Reception: Friday, January 8, 6-8 PM
16 Jones St, NYC

greenwich house jane hartsook mcconnell