"Constructed" at Eastern Oregon University's Nightingale Gallery

I'm pleased to announce my participation in "Constructed" at Eastern Oregon University.

Curated by Peter Johnson and Cory Peeke, the press release states, "The sculptors, all with a background in ceramics, embrace an aesthetic that emphasizes the works’ constructed nature. This is done in several ways by highlighting a form’s structure and process of creation, as well as through an employed aesthetic that emphasizes its manufactured or artificial nature. In many cases the work may be constructing an alternative reality, examining artificial constructs, or emphasizing the process of construction as metaphor. In all cases, the constructed nature of the work fuels the meaning drawn from the objects."

Other artists included in the exhibition are: Dylan J. Beck, Zimra BeinerAndrew Casto, Chad Curtis, Christopher Dufala, Lauren Gallaspy, David Katz, Ryan LabarLinda Lopez, and Matt Ziemke.

The exhibition will be on view through Friday, Feb. 27. Gallery hours are 12-4 p.m., Monday through Friday.