Intersecting Editions at The Castle Gallery, College of New Rochelle

This month I'm pleased to have work in the Castle Gallery of the College of New Rochelle. Curated by Sarah Rowe and Rachel Sydlowski, "This exhibition challenges the traditional assumption that artists pursue one material and methodology at a time, by showing the complex dialog between print and ceramic media. Though the two disciplines each developed through independent paths, with unique histories of technique and artistic styles, artists in this exhibit embrace “a post-disciplinary spirit” that goes beyond strict roles of ceramic artist or printmaker. By blending identities the artists have opened new avenues that combine techniques from both disciplines." 

Other artists in the exhibition include Dylan J. Beck, Alison Carey, Ane Fabricius Christiansen, Christine Facella, Future Retrieval, Sin-ying Ho, Jessica Kreutter, Scott Rench, Hope Rovelto, Amanda Small, and W.A. Ehren Tool.

castle gallery.png