#F*NKED! at KCAI Dodge Gallery

"A multidisciplinary exploration of mind, hand, and mouse."

"The artists included in this exhibition harness the internet's glitchy, ridiculous, virtual reality to create work with an irreverent humor that at once exposes, critiques, and embraces contemporary culture. No practice is too hallowed, no subject too taboo for their gleefully satirical approach... Using the decontextualizing power of the Internet, the artists in #F*UNKED! lay bare the gritty—and in their works appealing—underbelly of our age. "

Curated by Susie Silbert and Anna Walker. Exhibition includes works by Matt Causey, Zachary Lechtenberg, Roberto Lugo, Adams Puryear, Brent Owens, Mallory Westin, Dustin Yager, Nate Prouty, and others.

Kansas City Art Institute, Dodge Painting Building
Hours: March 15th-18th 10am-5pm
Reception: Thurs, Mar 17, 5-9:30pm