"Accessibility by Design" Selected by CFile as one of NCECA KC's Top 10

The catalogue states, "Curated by Susan Beiner and Brian Gillis, Accessibility by Design is a group exhibition surveying contemporary ceramic design and navigating its emerging facets. It showcases the artists and designers at the forefront of this movement who are negotiating a career between art and design. It aims to clarify the seemingly disparate trends seen in the LA Clay scene, the Brooklyn ceramic pop-up shops, the Ron Nagle-inspired pop-curiosities, and the increasing popularity of both "dumpy" pottery and clean, sharp style."

"The exhibition is packed with leading artists artists and designers including Del Harrow, Morten Løbner Esperson, Amy Santoferraro, Mathew McConnell, Klein and Reid, and Anders Ruhwald."

CFile Top 10 NCECA Kansas City